Vision Terms



The ability to follow a moving object smoothly and accurately with both eyes, like a ball in flight.


The ability to quickly and accurately locate and inspect with both eyes a series of stationary objects one after the other, such as moving from word to word while reading.

Focus change-

The ability to quickly look from far to near and vice versa with-out momentary.

Depth Perception-

The ability to judge relative distances of objects and to see and move accurately in three dimensional space, like hitting a ball.

Peripheral Vision-

The ability to monitor and interpret what is happening in your side vision while attending to a specific vision task, like a pitching checking on a runner out or the corner of his eye.


The ability to use both eyes together, smoothly, equally, simultaneously and accurately.

Distance Acuity-

The ability to see clearly, inspect, identify and understand objects at a distance of 20 feet those objects normally see at 20 feet, also called 20/20 vision.


The ability to form mental images in your minds eye and retain or store them for future recall.